Quality Principles

Antonio Tammaro Group's mission is to preserve and promote artistic glassmaking as an art form.

Glass craftsmanship is such a critical part of Italian culture and identity. So, the company wants to keep leading this industry at the forefront of the global artisanal glassmaking community.

The only way to ensure high-quality Murano-inspired artistic glass art is to follow strict rules that make Murano glass features very much in demand.

Here are some of the principles we abide by to create art glass items:

  • Beauty. No glassmaker has ever spent hours and days fusing glass only to make unsightly glassware. On the contrary, most ancient techniques have stood the test of time because of the aesthetically pleasing results. The glassmaking learning process itself focuses on helping novice glassmakers create aesthetically beautiful pieces.
  • Brightness. Sparkly Murano-inspired art glass is all about catching the eyes of the onlookers.

  • Creativity. For reference, the master glassmaker Antonio Tammaro is the last descendent of a long line of glassmakers that spent centuries refining their art and passing it on from father to son.
  • Durability. On this topic, suffice to say that one of the secrets of glassmaking is using specific sand-type blends that make all art glass items stand the test of time.
  • Heritage. Art glass is an Italian artistic heritage. Since Roman times, Italians have been crafting and refining this art to the extreme. It is a part of our culture we must protect.
  • Lightness. Lightweight art glass pieces are easy to move anywhere in a room. Plus, you have to create lightweight glassware if you want to decorate a lighting system or use it for interior design..
  • Uniqueness. Even though some motifs are typical Murano glass features, every piece must be one of a kind.