The art and passion for glassmaking

The art of glassmaking was known as early as Ancient Egypt. But it did not flourish abundantly until the creation of the first blow pipe in the 1st century BC. Then, the Romans began using this tool, perfecting it even further.

Our History

Antonio Tammaro Group is one of the most prolific Italian manufacturers of artistic glass on the market. Our brand aims for excellent value for money with every creation. But we also strive to meet Murano glass enthusiasts' expectations by offering them a product inspired by the latter, though we only sell original pieces.

Our company keeps writing the history of Murano glass, enriching it with another chapter.

For clarity, the art of glassmaking started in Italy in approximately 400 AD. In those days, the Romans used to engrave several glass surfaces and paved the way for the Italian master glassmakers that today are recognized all over the world.

The Tammaro Group company treasures these ancient origins and considers Murano glass art a crucial but not definitive moment in the history of glassmaking. This is why our glass factory is in Campania, southern Italy, where we specialize in creating artistic glass for various industrial sectors such as interior design, the lighting industry, and merchandise.

The glass manufacturing process follows the tradition. After the canonical 24 hours of melting in the furnace, a glassmaker shapes the molten glass into an art glass sculpture. Master Tammaro directs and supervises every step of the creation process, from the fusing to the tool selection for achieving maximum quality.

The technique used to create art glass is known as glass blowing. For reference, the Egyptians already used this technique thousands of years ago. And for it to be successful, the glassmaker's sensitivity to the unexpected is paramount. Only highly qualified personnel can obtain the desired shapes with the tool we use, the blowpipe.

The Antonio Tammaro Group designs each project with care and produces timeless pieces. Above all, the company uses techniques and knowledge handed down for generations.

The Tammaro family still keeps the secrets of the creation of Murano glass. So, buying a Tammaro creation means getting a 100% Made in Italy product. And thanks to the company's experience in the international market, we also produce items that meet the interest and sensitivity of other cultures.

Our Brand

Tammaro Home is Antonio Tammaro Group's registered trademark. More importantly, Tammaro Home products are synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and quality.

Tammaro Home artistic glass art reveals the company's long-standing fascination with Murano-style glass production. And the brand Tammaro Home itself also guarantees Made in Italy quality and innovation.

The management team constantly strives to evolve the design and merge tradition with the latest technologies. Ancient techniques thus create sophisticated details that express a deep passion for artistic glassmaking.

With the Tammaro Home brand, Antonio Tammaro Group consolidates its position as an artistic glass manufacturer. In fact, the Tammaro Home brand was born in Campania, a region far away from the Murano island, but it is one of its artistic and historical descendants.

Not only do the Tammaro Home Muralo-style creations reflect the glass masters' skills, but they also communicate the different cultural contexts in which the company operates. In other words, our handicrafts come with unique and unparalleled creative nuances and decorations.

Collectors and artistic glass lovers will also appreciate the dedicated customer service that we offer with every Tammaro Home product purchase. In detail, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee for every shipped item. So customers looking for precious handcrafted glassware can buy with confidence.